Evelyn Stone

Honouree Life President


Evelyn has been with the friends for the last thirty years and got involved when the old wards were still there from the last world war.

My friend’s mother was transferred to the hospital from Poole they did so much for her and my friend joined the league of friends to help, shortly after this I was invited to join. I also I served as chairman for eight years till 2010 helping to raise funds  for the Hospital and patients and staff it was the good work of the staff at the hospital that got us all going

Evelyn introduced the craft fair in 2004 which has proved to be very successful for the friends I introduced the very first ball which was a resounding success I was very surprised and happy to get my presidency to mark my years of service and commitment to the St Leonards League of friends, and I hope to continue for as long as I can.

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