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“ACTIVITIES” just one of the projects funded by The League of Friends for St Leonards Hospital

The “Friends” fund a working activities group here at St Leonards as we believe that activities and memory are very important for rehabilitation.

This covers paying for a trained coordinator to work for one day a week and also for all the equipment that is needed.

When the NHS could not afford to fund this project 'The Friends of St Leonards Hospital' stepped in to make sure the activities continued.

Judy Martin is the “Activities” coordinator and she has worked for a number of years here at St Leonards

 This involves making things, playing cards or any game. Judy works very hard to get the patients to tax their brains and get the memory exercised or to get patients limbs going after a stroke or an accident.

Activities is so popular with everyone, it is a fun thing for all ages.



Judy Martin, Activities Co-ordinator
Judy Martin,
Activities Co-ordinator

The following is an article written by Judy Martin, Activities Co-ordinator


As pictures speak louder than words, let me share with you our new ongoing project.

What a great day we had creating our new additions to the garden.  Instead of a scarecrow this year we are making two rag dolls.

These will sit pride of place around the tree, please wait for the next addition with the finished product. We are all really enjoying our sessions. 

 Great conversation from all, sparks new ideas that can be researched and introduced into Activities.

Maurice one our wonderful volunteers has kindly compiled a folder of memories, comedy programmes, film stars, old to new product  etc etc.

Every group session brings a new memory that we can add to the folder.

I am trying to source a 4 in a row large garden game, so please keep your eyes peeled for me.

This will be good for dexterity and fun at the same time. Let the sun shine so we can venture outside to enjoy the beautiful garden. It truly looks a picture.   

Thank you to all for my brilliant job!!!

Judy Martin

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